Cover Songs

1.Soulful Strut
4.Grazing N The Grass
7.Express Yourself
8.Never Can Say Goodbye
9.Whats Going On
11.Ain'tNobody's Business
12.Hey Joe
13. Little Wing
14.The Wind Cries Mary
15.Voodoo Child
16.Stormy Monday
17.Ain't No Sunshine
18.Lean On Me
19.Just The 2 of Us
20.I Wish
21.Is,nt She Lovely
22.Who's That Lady
23.What you won't do4❤️
24.Lets Stay Together
25.Waiting N Vain
26.I Shot The Sheriff
27.I Can See Clearly
28.Let It Be
30.Come Together
32.El Faro
33.Black Magic Woman
34.Miss You
37. Get Down Tonight
38.Every Breath
39.Hollywood Swinging
40.Pick Up the Pieces
41.I Keep Forgetting
42.Wonderful World
43.Light My Fire
44.Always There
45.Give It to Me Baby
46.Super freak
47.Sweet Home SD
48.Sleep Walk
49.Time After Time
50.Rolling N The Deep
51.Ladies Nite 
52.Give It To Me Baby
53.Super Freak
56.Bad Mama Jama
57.Step N The Name of❤️
58.Show Me Your❤️
59.Little Sunflower
60.Song For My Father
61.All Blues
62.Bumping On Sunset
63. Ladies Night
64. Paradice

 Original Tunes 

  1. Down Lee's Way
  2. From Me to You
  3. Headed Home
  4. I won't Forget
  5. As I See It
  6. Lovalot
  7. The Scullery Squad
  8. It's Time Again
  9. Don't Harbour No Hate
  10. Oregon Ave
  11. Outta Time
  12. Days Ahead
  13. Make Em Feel It
  14. Roselee
  15. A Little For Alot
  16. Nine On Nine
  17. Finally Got It
  18. Attitude
  19. Broadway Brown
  20. I love You
  21. Insight
  22. Lock it Down